Theaa: A homegrown jewellery brand from Jaipur, blending timeless luxury with environmental consciousness. Founded by two dynamic women entrepreneurs,

Anjali Sinha and Palak Devpura.

Our collections are more than just jewellery; they are narratives meticulously woven into exquisite pieces. Each piece carries a story, an artistic expression that adds an extra layer of emotion and uniqueness, making Theaa not just a jewellery brand, but an experience.

A stand-out feature of Theaa is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Conscious luxury forms the cornerstone of the brand, we prioritise transparency and responsible manufacturing. This commitment doesn't just apply to the use of repurposed diamonds; it extends to every facet of the brand, from sourcing to production.Each piece is a narrative of artistry, adding emotion and uniqueness to the wearer's experience.